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Outer space is just one of many ways kids can get involved in science. Science projects help kids learn through a 'hands on' approach. Science projects also help kids (and adults) develop a curiosity about a subject that might otherwise seem puts flair into the world of science.

Chemistry kits are a great introduction into the alluring world of physical science. Most chemistry kits have directions for dozens of safe experiments that will invite amateurs to learn more and develop a healthy curiosity about the world around us.

Outer space posters are perfect, inexpensive gifts for a star gazer. They're also great for any kids...they tend to promote a sense of wonder about the universe, and encourage them to begin exploring the mysteries of the skies.

Every star gazer remembers their first telescope. And every year, they come up with new and exciting ways to make star gazing easier. From computerized telescopes that can find stars on their own, to camera ready telescopes that can give hobbyists a picture to put on their websites, the world of space exploration has given amateurs a way to really dig deep.

While telescopes help us see big things, microscopes help us see small things. Anyone who's seen their own skin cells, a leaf's veins, or an insect's wing under a microscope knows how fascinating small things can be.

This site (as well as any other site) is just a tiny doorway into an enormous subject. Open that door and step in...each step gets more amazing and will always lead you deeper into a sense of awe and wonder.